Day Sec: 9:00 A.M.- 01.40 P.M. ; Eve Sec : 01:50 P.M. - 06:15 P.M.


Red Ribbon Club


RRC is a club or an association to strengthen the discipline among the youth or people. Discipline is the most important than position, status, education and money. The main aim of RRC is to prevent AIDS and protect the people who affected by AIDS. AIDS means Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. Syndrome is a group of diseases.

Functions of the Red Ribbon Club at TBML

1. Educating youth with correct, concise and adequate information and heighten their level of awareness about HIV/AIDS/STI/sexuality and other related issues (thus eliminate myths and misconceptions).

2. Enabling youth, especially the female students of rural area, to identify and understand situations of exploitation and abuse.

3. Increasing youths’ access to health care services related to STI / HIV/AIDS/drug use.

4. Creating linkages between youth and governmental, non – governmental agencies and CBOs to access safer and responsible healthy behavior.

5. Organizing and facilitating voluntary blood donation camps and mobilize the youth for voluntary blood donation.

6. Creating among the youth a cadre of peer educators for seeking and encouraging positive health behavior as well as ensuring sustainability of the club.

Mr. J. Joseph Amirtharaj
Asst. Professor of History is the Programme Officer.