Day Sec: 9:00 A.M.- 01.40 P.M. ; Eve Sec : 01:50 P.M. - 06:15 P.M.


Students Service Centre

The Student Service Centre of the College offers the following services to students.

i) Providing information about opportunities for Higher Studies and employment in India and abroad.
ii) Making available Books, Journals and audio cassettes to help students prepare for competitive examinations, entrance examinations and interviews.
iii) Guidance and counselling services.
iv) Placement services
v) Rock City Book Bank Scheme
vi) Bus & Train Timings
vii) Local Climate Information

These services are provided through computer, personnel,bulletins, handouts and press-cuttings. The centre organises the following courses fot rhe benefit of students depending on sufficient number of students joining them. Mr. M. Johnson Sangeetharaj, Assistant Professor of English is the Staff -in-charge.

1. Personality Development and Effective Communication.
2. Spoken English
3. Computer Awareness and Basic Programming
4. Group Dynamics
5. Leadership
6. IAS Coaching Programme for Preliminary Examination.

The Centre also provides consultancy to other institutions to start similar services.