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THERE ARE MANY COLLEGES and Universities where you can earn a degree. So why look at TBMLC? At TBMLC, you’ll get the quality of personal attention that is at the heart of a superior liberal arts and sciences education – the kind of education that best prepares you for a changing world. You’ll live in a close-knit community that offers you the support to take on the personal challenges you need to develop your full potential. You’ll join a campus alive with student participation. You’ll have the opportunity to extend your learning outside of the classroom around the world. At TBMLC, you’ll get an education, not just a degree.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO PREPARE YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS in a changing world? The ability to think, to communicate, to adapt quickly to changing situations. That’s why so many experts agree that a liberal arts and sciences education is the best preparation for the future. At TBML, we’ll not only give you the foundation of abilities that are hallmarks of the liberal arts and sciences, We’ll prepare you with the specific pre-professional skills you need to embark on a career or apply to Post-Graduate schools of Excellence. Since TBML’s values – centered education is no much more than what you learn in class, we’ll prepare you for success in life as well as success in the workplace.

It is also worth mentioning to describe the vibrancy of Porayar – Tranquebar. Our dynamic surroundings make it possible to leave the hassles – but not the big city – behind.

But we can only tell you so much; there’s more you can see – and feel – for yourself. The lively back and forth of intellectual debate; the personal support – and challenge – of our professors; the warmth of our community; the faith of our congregation; the passion of extracurricular involvement; the charm of Coramandal Coast Walk along the ramparts of the DansborgFort. Come, Visit, try us on for size, and discover a College where you’ll receive an education,(not just a degree, but a holistic life experience receive an education), not just a degree, but a holistic life experience as well. Welcome to TBML College, Porayar.